World’s Safest Airlines for 2015

Photo: Angelo DeSantis | CC BY-SA 2.0

Have recent reports in the news made you question if you should fly internationally? All airlines are not created equally, but how much do they really differ? A new report showcases the world’s safest airlines.

In 2014 the world´s death toll in commercial air transport has risen nearly four times over the 2013 numbers. About half of the fatalities came from the Asia-Pacific region.

Although flying remains the safest way of travelling, 2014 marks an untypically year compared to a series of years with falling numbers of victims.

JACDEC’s (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre) annual report compiles data more than 3,500 airlines and over 30,000 different accidents or incident data points. Below is the 2015 safety ranking, compiled from 2014 data.


  1. Cathay Pacific Airways (China, Hong Kong)
  2. Emirates (UAE)
  3. EVA (Taiwan)
  4. Air Canada (Canada)
  5. KLM (Neterlands)
  6. Air New Zealand (New Zealand)
  7. Qantas (Australia)
  8. Hainan Airlines (China)
  9. JetBlue Airlines (USA)
  10. Etihad Airways (UAE)
  11. All Nippon Airways (Japan)
  12. Lufthansa (German)

For an in-depth look at the report, including safety index data and regional safety, read the full report


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