When Lynch Met Lucas

When Lynch Met Lucas

In 2010, filmmaker Sascha Ciezata posted his animated short film “When Lynch Met Lucas” on YouTube, which quickly gained thousands of of views within one week of it’s posting. The video uses audio of David Lynch, who is recalling his meeting with Lucas, whom tapped Lynch to direct the Star Wars sequel, “Return of the Jedi.”

Shortly after the video was posted, it was removed from YouTube by a copyright infringement claim. The claim was filed by the American Speech Society, which claimed ownership over the audio of Ciezata’s video. Although the original short has long been gone from YouTube, it’s popularity prompted many fans to re-post the video on various sites across the internet. You can check out the original video below.

Ciezata posted a follow-up video titled “Where’s When Lynch Met Lucas?” which describes the copyright infringement claim and the  removal of the video from YouTube. In the follow-up, Ciezata says the American Speech Society ended up posting the original video of the David Lynch interview, which only received 95 views in the first week, a weak showing compared to the original.


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