Book Helps Veterans Plan for Civilian Life Career

Down Range cover

A veteran’s transition from military to civilian life is a major life event that requires careful planning. Authors James D. Murphy and William M. Duke share their career-planning process in their new book, Down Range: A Transitioning Veteran’s Career Guide to Life’s Next Phase. Murphy and Duke aim to help veterans tap those principles to develop a career and to demonstrate their value to potential employees.

“This career guide for veterans is unique and empowering for two reasons. First, it is written by veterans who made the transition and now lead a successful civilian business, which consults with corporations large and small all over the world. Second, it explains a simple and effective planning process that has been taught to over one million business leaders, a process born of military experience,” says Duke.

“Veterans have spent years – and often decades – learning how to execute as a team. We’ve operated under pressure, with limited information, in fluid combat scenarios. We may not yet possess industry vocabulary or a deep understanding of civilian business, but we have the skills modern companies need, and we can, with exceptional speed, learn to use them effectively in this new context,” says Murphy.

Down Range’s process challenges the reader to change their mindset and understand just how different civilian employment is from their military experience.

Murphy adds, “Despite what many military transition courses seem to tell us, we are not square pegs destined for a limited number of stereotyped roles. We must shed the fear and burden of that false mindset, and instead seize the boundless opportunity before us. Sometimes the first and hardest step is preparing mentally for a transition to civilian life and in our first few chapters we lay out some advice to do just that.”


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